Feminization is a set of practices or events that take place for a male recipient that make him appear or function in a more female manner. Feminization is often used by mistresses or dominatrices to subject their slaves to a form of humiliation. ProDomme.com will address feminization as an entity within the BDSM community, reflect on practices that might occur in a typical feminization scenario and address other important pieces of information with regard to the sexual fetish of feminization.

Other Feminization References

Feminization is sometimes referred to as sissification, and is most commonly associated with men that desire to be turned into women as a form of humiliation. The primary reason why males feel humiliated from being feminized relates to the fact that a challenge to their gender identity is made when they go through the process. It is often instructed upon them by a mistress and throughout the course of the activity, the male subject might experience some of the following actions to further enhance their experience as a sissy.

Feminization, Forced Feminization

Using language that is directed toward a female might be the first course of action and is the most common tool used by mistresses to instigate and assist with feminization. For instance, sentences such as “you look like a little girl”, “I like your dress, pretty lady” or “clean my shoes you girly bitch” might be used by a dominatrix to make the personal experience of a slave and the relationship they have to being female that much easier.

Secondly, clothing and related artifacts are often employed by mistresses so that they can truly help a slave feel as if they are female. Wearing female clothing, not exclusively underwear, is a common tactic. Putting on dresses, high heels and other items can be used to feminize a man and often provide the simplest way of sissification. Additionally, items such as tiaras and handbags might be given to a servant so that they can fully experience the life of a female. Makeup including lipstick, eye shadow and blusher regularly features in sessions of feminization as well.

Men that desire to be feminized do not necessarily have any desire to be treated as a woman on a permanent basis, nor do they intrinsically feel as if they have a feminine side to them. Quite often, it is the manliest of men that are often feminized by mistresses. A common misconception is that it is mainly effeminate men that seek the service, although this is rarely the case.

At ProDomme.com, we openly support salves and servants alike that have a genuine interest in being subjected to a session of sissification. If you believe that you would find great joy in being made to dress, look, talk and act like a woman by a professional dominatrix, our archive of mistress adverts is surely the best way for you to go about turning your feminization fantasy into a reality.