Hair Pulling

While there are many men and women who enjoy the look and feel of another person’s hair and love the way it feels in their fingers, there are also those who enjoy the act of hair pulling and have a hair pulling fetish. In this fetish, the person with the fetish may enjoy having their own hair pulled or pulling another person’s hair during erotic play. There are a number of ways that a hair pulling fetish can fit into the world of BDSM and the relationships and scenes that occur between a Domme and a submissive.

It is not uncommon for hair pulling to occur during any type of intimate moment or sexual experience and many people who may end up having a hair pulling fetish often associate the event with a particularly arousing experience they have had of their own. They recall the wonderful feelings that occurred and the sexual energy they felt when they were having their hair pulled in the throes of passion or ended up pulling the hair of their lover or partner during sex and the reaction created even more intensity and heat. This can lead to the desire to have that same feeling over and over again until it becomes the focal point of arousal for that person, creating the fetish.

Hair Pulling and Hair Pulling Fetish

In the world of BDSM, hair pulling can be something that is enjoyed by the Domme, the submissive or both, depending on the people involved and the particular scene they are experiencing. For the Domme, the act of pulling the hair of her submissive is not only a way to exhibit power and gain control over the slave to get their attention, but hair pulling can be seen as an intimate act as the Domme places her hands on the slave for correction or encouragement. The hair pulling can start out as simple stroking or petting of the hair of the slave and then a sudden pull of the hair to remind the slave who is in control can work as a training element. It can be satisfying for the Domme who enjoys the power and the infliction of pain on the slave who enjoys the experience and the pain itself.

The scalp is actually one of the most sensitive areas of the body so it is no real surprise that people achieve arousal and sensations from hair pulling. The nerve endings on the scalp at the base of the hair are highly sensitive, so having them pulled is not only a way to garner quick attention to the person pulling your hair but the pain experience for many borders the line of exquisiteness and agony, which helps to feed into the fetish. People who enjoy having their hair pulled thrive on that sudden sensation on their scalp.

While hair pulling can occur during the general training of a slave, it can also be worked into a variety of scenes and roleplays. The spy interrogating the enemy soldier may pull the hair of her captured prey in order to get him to answer a question or as part of his “torture.” Hair pulling can also take place for the slave who may be treated as a pony during pony play for correction or even as part of wrestling scenario where the Domme may be wrestling and defeating her “opponent.”

Like all other fetishes, the hair pulling fetish is one that needs to be carried out carefully so as not to cause too much pain or possible injury to the head, neck or scalp. Experienced Dommes who practice hair pulling and are involved with often indicate if hair pulling is an option during a session with them and those that are experienced in a hair pulling fetish can discuss the potential scenes with submissives who may be interested so they can better understand the slave’s particular boundaries and pain threshold and so that safe words can be established beforehand to establish limits.