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Cuckold is a word used to refer to a person in a committed relationship with another individual that watches their partner engage sexually with other people. Male cuckolds that have adulterous female partners are said to have a ‘hotwife’. Classically, promiscuous women have been the most likely candidates for engaging in cuckolding activities, although it is still possible for a female to be the cuckold toward their male partner engaging sexually with another party.Cuckold, Cuck and Cuckolding

Being a Good Cuckold and Submissive

One of the central aspects of being a cuckold is the requirement to have some form of evidence that the action is taking place. Typically, a cuckold will be in the same room as their partner while they are having sex with another person, although some may stay outside the bedroom, hide inside a wardrobe or use a hole in a wall in order to see what’s going on. Cuckolding should only be performed if all three parties are comfortable with what’s going on. It’s very likely that the cuckold, while watching their partner engage intimately with others, will masturbate as the action takes place. Some couples may find that their sexual experience with regard to cuckolding is increased when cleaning up is required by the cuckold. For instance, eating the semen of another person that has ejaculated inside their wife is a common practice many male cuckolds partake in.

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If you wish to contact an escort and discuss the possibility of a cuckold experience, be sure to make the desires and requirements of your visits absolutely clear. Because of the sensitive nature of cuckold fetish services, we recommend that couples talk extensively about what they wish to get from the experience and how they are going to approach it. If you both agree that it can be a pleasant experience that will not impact negatively on your relationship, wishes you the best of luck in exploring cuckold fun.