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Domination Escorts

Domination escorts are providers of professional dominatrix services that will play the role of the ‘master’ in a traditional power exchange dynamic as defined by BDSM subculture. It is important to note from the start that the phrase ‘domination escorts’ is considered improper by many mistresses, and we suggest that you avoid the word ‘escort’ altogether when discussing or communicating the idea of exchanging money for a fetish experience. The rest of this article will detail issues with the descriptive language of domination mistresses and the types of activities they can provide to clients.

Why you Should Never Refer to a Dominatrix as an Escort

Firstly, a dominatrix is unlikely to talk to you again if you use language such as ‘escort’ to describe what they do. The problem with saying ‘domination escort’ is that under no circumstances would a true dominatrix offer traditional penetrative sex that is often associated with standard escorts. While there is no denial that sexual pleasure comes as a result of indulging in your fantasies with a provider of domination, the reality is that such language gives the wrong impression as to what is constituted within the scope of ‘sexual services’. Thus, a so-called domination escort would much rather be referred to as a professional dominatrix, as to avoid anyone believing that they offer standard PIV sex as part of their service.Domination Escorts, DominationProviders of domination services are often referred to as mistresses, dominatrices, dominas or dommes. Currently, the BDSM community has no real delineation of disagreement that all of these words can be used synonymously. There are a number of factors associated with the appearance and personality of a dominatrix.

For instance, a dominatrix is likely to wear a black outfit, traditionally an ‘all in one’ catsuit or corset, that is often associated with women of power. Additionally, shoes that increase the height of a dominatrix are common, as this helps increase and support the concept of a domination and superiority. A dominatrix will also have a personality that demands respect – typically, avoiding anyone that does not refer to them as ‘mistress’ or a deviation of such language that shows respect is common practice that dominatrices engage in.

A dominatrix can be so for private or professional reasons – the latter will take on clients based on what fetishes they wish to experience. A typical list of services that a domina might offer include foot fetishism, verbal abuse, spanking, CBT, trampling and humiliation. While these are some of the more standard forms of dominatrix fetishes, it should be made clear that this is a non-exhaustive list, and many dominatrices are able to engage in many more activities that are covered under the scope of BDSM fetishes.

At, we strive to provide our users with the highest quality database of local dominatrices in your area that are able to provide you with a range of fetish activities. We recommend looking through our extensive collection of adverts that professional dominatrices have provided so that clients are able to reach them for the discussion and eventual engagement of dominatrix activities.