Enema, Douching and Ass Play - Kink Fetish


While an enema fetish may seem out of the ordinary to many people (even for those who may have this particular fetish), the fact is that it is actually a fairly common fetish among people today. There are a large number of people who derive great pleasure and satisfaction from receiving an enema, particularly one that is administered by someone else. The enema fetish is one that may not be completely understood by many but is appreciated by many in the world today.

Klismaphilia is the actual term that is often used to describe a person who is aroused by liquids that are entering their anus or colon. While most people may think of receiving an enema as strictly a medical procedure and many may find it uncomfortable and unwanted, people who are aroused by the idea of an enema are more likely to want to receive one. People who experience this fetish are primarily male.

Enema, Douching Douch, and Enema Fetish

When receiving an enema, liquid is put into the bowels through the use of various devices and hoses. It is most commonly used in the medical field to help people who may be having trouble expelling their bowels because of constipation or other medical problems. The liquid applies pressure to the back of the rectum, forcing the liquid and any other bowel contents out of the colon and anus. This pressure, for men, also applies pressure onto the prostate and the seminal vesicles, both points of sexual arousal for men. This can be the cause of many men experiencing arousal during the enema process. The process itself can cause an intense level of stimulation. The release that occurs as the result of an enema is also one that can cause arousal for men. There is a great sense of relief when the release occurs, causing a feeling of satisfaction that many find arousing.

There can be many reasons for person developing an enema fetish. For some, it could be that they have experienced an enema as a child and perhaps it was administered by a mother who was particular caring and loving during the process and the enema brings back these feelings of comfort. Others may have had the same experience with a particularly caring nurse or doctor. There are some people who find the enema as great release of stress and enjoy it for that reason. Finally, others may have experienced an enema later on in life and experienced sexual arousal during the process, creating a link between the two for a person and the process itself then becomes a source of arousal because they enjoy the physical sensations that they achieve during the enema.

The enema fetish is used a great deal in a lot of erotic fiction and in pornography, a sign of its recognition and growth. Many men find it arousing on several levels, particularly if it is something that is being “forced” upon them. A great deal of fiction and in some erotic play that may occur during a dominant-submissive session involves the use of enemas during medical play as a roleplay when receiving a physical from a nurse or doctor or during a hospital visit.

There is still a great deal to be learned about the enema fetish but there is growing understanding and acceptance of the practice. For those who may be seeking a session or scene involving an enema fetish, it is important to note that not all dominatrices perform this practice and the submissive should check the profile of a dominatrix they may be interested in to see if this is a service that is available. Dominants listed at ProDomme.com will indicate clearly if an enema fetish is something that they are willing to indulge or perform in a session.