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Foot Fetish

A foot fetish is a sexual desire to have interaction with another person’s feet in some way with the presumption of it being for erotic gratification. Foot fetishes are generally considered to be one of the stepping stones between traditional sexual practices and the BDSM community, with members from both communities finding satisfaction from the various types of foot fetish activities that people can engage in for pleasure.

Common Feet Fetishes

One of the most common foot fetish activities involves admiration. This can be both verbal and physical, with many mistresses in a sub/dom relationship requiring their slaves to appreciate and provide positive feedback with regard to their feet. While verbal is less common as a single entity, it is generally mixed in some form with physical to provide a dual ‘appreciation’ experience for the receiver (typically female). Licking the entire foot as well as sucking on toes are two examples of how a slave might show his appreciation and interest in his mistress’s feet.Foot Fetish, Plying with Feet, Foot PlayFoot fetishes are generally associated with shoe fetishes as well. There are a number of different desires in fans of this niche, with some desiring full-length over the knee boots, while others prefer high heels, stilettos, sandals and other more standard forms of foot-associated attire. A session of foot fetishism might start with appreciating the shoes that are being worn before they are removed and the servant than continues to admire the feet as well.

It’s important to note that the logic and theory behind foot fetishism is an interesting one. A lot of scientific evidence suggests that there is a biological reason as to why people enjoy having their feet worshiped and likewise, why people enjoy doing it. To put it simply, the section of our brain that deals with the reception of touch is a strip that reflects a linear pattern of sensitivity: that is to say, on one end of the strip is the head, and as you work down, it continues along the body. The location of the receptive areas for genitalia and feet and practically on top of each other, which makes many neurologists believe that the fetish for feet can be explained by the cross-firing of neurons.

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