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Lactation is the process by which mammals secrete milk from their breasts so that their young can be nourished during the early stages of their lives. With regard to the fetish and BDSM community, it refers to the concepts and activities whereby lactation occurs during a sexual scenario. The term ‘erotic lactation’ is often used to avoid confusion with standard lactation topics within human societies. This allows for separation between the standard practice of breast feeding for mothers and the erotic fascination with lactation experiences.  During the latter part of a women's pregnancy mammary glands become swollen and will secrete milk.  In the fetish world this is known as Erotic lactation, which refers to a man or woman that get turned on by breastfeeding or suckling on a woman's breast.  This fetish can also be referred to as adult suckling, adult nursing and adult breastfeeding. Lactation is not only found in women, man and transsexual have also been able to produce milk.  Although rare, this usually occurs when the presence of high levels of Estrogen have been introduced either by natural causes or through injections.lactation

Pro Domme believes that the motivation behind the sexual fetishization of lactation is no more strange or different than a fetishization of breasts in general. In fact, so long as the activity produces no harm elsewhere and is consensual, we actively support the desires for dominatrices and mistresses to offer lactation-based erotic encounters for slaves and servants that wish to go through such an event.

It should be noted that owing to the fact that lactation is something only available for a small period of time in most women’s lives, the probability of finding a mistress with the availability of such unique service is quite low. Furthermore, it should be made absolutely clear that merely because a dominatrix has the potential to lactate does not necessarily mean that they will provide the service to clients seeking it. Appropriate steps should be taken to ensure compatibility and if appropriate, the action is more than supported by us. However, servants of professional dominatrices that lactate should avoid producing a potentially uncomfortable environment for the mistress powering over them by requesting such a service if it has not been agreed to beforehand.

Lactation can be a reward sexual fetish, and Pro Domme fully supports those that have a desire for it and those that desire to give it. There may be some social stigma associated with the activity, but breastfeeding should be offered to those that desire it if appropriate. There is no industry defined term used to describe the activity, although phrases such as ‘adult wet nursing’ go a long way toward making the activity as euphemistic in its description while still being a clear and concise representation of what happens.

Erotic Breastfeeding or Lactation

During the time when a women is breastfeeding her nipples become highly sensitive and some women can get sexually aroused by breastfeeding.  Some women develop this fetish because during pregnancy breastfeeding created a special bond between them and their child and although they have weaned their child off the "tit" they are not ready to lose that bond so they seek a man to continue the bond, or while breastfeeding the man helped suckle the breast to help produce milk and the women received intense orgasms from this so the couple never stopped.  In lesbian partnerships, mutual breastfeeding has been regarded as a familiar expression of affection and tenderness. In its issue of March 13, 2005, the London weekly The Sunday Times gave a report of a scientific survey (composed of 1690 British men) revealing that in 25 to 33% of all couples, the male partner had suckled his wife's breasts. Regularly the men gave a genuine emotional need as their motive.  Other reasons a man may develop this fetish is a desire to return to a state of childhood. Men in high powered jobs tend to have a lot of stress and usually have a lot of responsibilities on a daily basis.  The fetish of adult suckling allows a high powered man, to return to a state of infantilism with no cares or worries.

Lactation in the Fetish World

Lactation in pornography - This is very common and has a actual category on most porn websites.  Breastfeeding in porn is considered very niche.

Breast Pumping - This is also seen on many porn sites, and women have reported that pumping is highly sexual and some have reported to have orgasms while pumping.

Infantilism - The man or non lactating women assumes the role of a baby in sexual role play. Often time the man or women are seeking to be pampered by "mommy".  Sometimes this fetish can include diaper wearing and using adult cribs etc.

BDSM - In BDSM breastfeeding can be a secondary reward for the submissive partner doing a good job or obeying the dominants orders.  Other times it can be rough which can be referred to as Forced Feeding.  During Force Feeding the Dominant will force the Submissive by either force or verbal command to milk her. respects that for some people, lactation eroticism can be associated with the fetishization of age roleplay. It is our firm belief that any sexual activity – no matter what the public’s perception – should be avoided or considered immoral unless there is sufficient evidence to suggest that undesired actions result purely from its engagement. That is to say that infantilism (or, the sexual fetishization of young age roleplay) is supported by us until a large collection of evidence has formed to provide a practical reason as to why it should not be engaged in. openly supports all fetishes that are healthy and enjoyed by those that practice them: we hope that a lactation dominatrix in your local area is able to provide you with the adult wet nursing experience you desire in a way that satisfies your urges and hopefully, your hunger!