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Mistress is word that can mean one of two things in a sexual setting. Generally, mistress refers to the individual that acts as a second female lover to someone in a relationship, normally with the standard partner being unknowing of their existence. However, mistress can also be used as a synonym for dominatrix, a female that partakes in fetish activities as a dominant party. Mistresses can exist as either those that do it for personal reasons of satisfaction or as a professional service that can be offered to clients. Seeing as ProDomme.com specializes in the facilitation of professional mistress services, this article will deal with the latter example, whereby a woman offers herself as a mistress to men that desire to be dominated and controlled.

What Can I Call My Mistress

Mistresses will often have a special name that you are to refer to them as. For instance, if asked a question, you might have to reply with ‘yes mistress’, ‘yes ma’am’ or ‘yes domina’. This remains one of the most consistent elements of a submissive and dominant sexual dynamic, with the reserved party being instructed to be as obedient as possible. Mistresses my cause pain or humiliate you by other methods if responses are not given in the style that they desire. Often, slaves will forget to append their mistress’s preferred title and undergo punishment as a result. While this might be used as a genuine way of training, some slaves might enjoy it being used as a type of ‘caught you out’ experience, similar to the gay ‘Simon Says’.


What Will My Mistress Want

Mistresses can be very commanding women, with some needing constant attention and the performance of tasks in order to keep them happy. Fetish experiences with professional mistresses can include a number of different activities, including, but by no means limited to, requested foot worship, verbal humiliation, queening, sissification and more. It’s important to remember that with such a wide array of fetish-based desires out there, getting a mistress that fully understands and appreciates your desires is optimal for having the best time possible in their company.

Finding a Mistress

If you are seeking to engage in this setting with a professional mistress, ProDomme.com has a huge number of experienced fetish professional that are able to provide you with that service. More often than not, all escorts that practice alternative practices will have no problem with being in a dominant position. In order to ensure that you are getting the very best service, ProDomme.com recommends that you make your desires and requirements explicit from the very start. Be clear about the type of submissive experience you want to engage in – that way, they can do their best to facilitate accordingly.

Having a mistress can be a wonderful, awakening experience. Enjoying the element of passiveness and being a subject of pain is healthy so long as the practice is safe and enjoyable. Your mistress will hopefully be able to provide you with the exact level of pain and pleasure you desire. If so, chances are you will never want to have another normal sexual experience again. Just remember to keep yourself safe at all times and above all else, have as much fun as possible. Combining these two simple rules will be sure to bring about the best results for you and the mistress you pick from the archives here at ProDomme.com.