Rope and restrains - Suspension and Restriction


Rope restraints are part of the practice of using rope in order to maintain a level of control and domination over someone in a sexual environment. Rope is a strong, durable object that can be made to a number of different specifications, although for sexual practices, small sizes, short lengths, easily malleable and those made of a soft material are generally advised for use. In modern BDSM culture, rope restraint techniques that were first developed by the Japanese via the art form of shibari are encouraged. There are a number of reasons why rope restraints make up a good part of sexual bondage. Read on to find out just a few of the primary reasons it is used in a sexual setting.

Rope Restraints, Rope Restrains Fetish

Rope Restraints, Rope Restrains Fetish

First and foremost, the strength of rope makes it an appropriate agent in the facilitation of bondage. If the person on the receiving end of the bondage is unable to untie the restraints, the only way to get through it is by using a knife or other sharp object in order to cut it. Rope is very unlikely to snap, and would require a huge amount of force in order to compromise its structure. As such, it makes for a perfect material to keep someone bound and make it impossible for their position to be willfully compromised by their own desire to escape. As such, the passive and submissive element of wearing rope is developed.

Rope as a Visual Element of a Pro Domina

As an addition to its practical elements, rope also has a certain aesthetic pleasure that makes it a good material to work with. Some role restraint methods develop wonderful twists and curls, fitting the body of the person restrained incredibly well. Additionally, seeing someone bound together further increases the element of submission – not only are they actually incapable of movement, but the rope can show physical signs of the person trying to get free, such as becoming tighter and being shifted up and down the skin.

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Seekers of role activities will be more than impressed with how experienced and appreciative some professional bondage service providers can be. After all, there is a world of difference between being put into bondage by someone that has a wild understanding of knots, ropes and humiliation compared to someone that specializes in it. Seekers of rope and restraint activities are becoming more and more attuned to the fact that a standard service provider in the adult entertainment industry is unlikely to know how to perform bondage correctly.

Not going to a professional dominatrix comes with the risk of not getting the service you desire and being unhappy with your experience and there’s also the small but problematic issue of physical injuries that might occur as a result of incorrect restraint. suggests that for a real experience that is hassle-free and most likely to bring pleasure, a professional dominatrix is the best way to go for a bondage experience.